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The delivery costs for our products are calculated from the package size and weight; these costs are stated per order. Standard parcel shipping is carried out with SIGNATURE (proof of delivery).

For fragile products such as bulbs and lamps, we recommend choosing the shipping option with FRAGILE (particularly careful handling by the post office). We cannot accept any liability for broken products that are sent without FRAGILE.

  • Collection in the showroom is free
  • SIGNATURE parcel delivery from CHF 12.00 to CHF 31.00
  • SIGNATURE & FRAGILE parcel delivery from CHF 20.00 to CHF 39.00
  • Parcel delivery Spergut SIGNATURE from 39.00 CHF
  • Parcel delivery Spergut SIGNATURE & FRAGILE from 47.00 CHF
  • Delivery costs from 200 kg by arrangement

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