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Our seat cushions match the newly produced and vintage chair classics and fit on all standard seats.

We were amazed at how many seat cushions there are that don't work.

Seat cushions are often made with unsuitable materials without any function and break after a very short time. We also noticed that many seat cushions are made for a specific chair, but do not really fit this classic chair and the visual form of the chair is destroyed. The shape of the seat cushion should adapt to the classic chair and support it.


We are two brothers pursuing an idea.

The one coming from the creative direction with a preference for industrial design where function and durability are elementary. The other comes from the functional clothing industry with a passion for technical fabrics and clever product solutions.


We want to bring high-quality seat cushions onto the market and value ecological production for long-lasting products.

So far we have developed and prototyped 14 molds. Now we would like to finish and produce these seat cushions using Kickstarter. With these forms, we cover classic chairs such as EAMES SIDE CHAIR, TOLIX A CHAIR, as well as various standard sizes. They are all:

  • WATER-RESISTANT : each seat cushion is water-repellent and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • PROTECTION RESISTANT : the spilled wine or soy sauce rolls off the fabric and is suitable for gastronomy
  • MAGNETIC : each seat cushion is equipped with magnets from the ground up and will hold in any position
  • FIT : each seat cushion is adapted and tailored to the individual chair type

Our cushions fit on the currently manufactured chairs & stools as well as on all vintage models of the following classics:

  • VITRA: Eames side chair (Type ES) /// Eames armchair (Type EA) /// Landi chair (Type L)
  • TOLIX : Chair A, armchair A56, armchair A97 (type A) /// armchair C, armchair D, armchair AC, armchair AC16 (type C) /// armchair T14 (type T14) /// stool H30 - H80 (type H)
  • CHAISE NICOLLE : all chairs and stools (type N)

Our round and square seat cushions, each in three different sizes, fit all other chairs and stools:

  • STANDARD ROUND: Seats from Ø 300mm (Type SR290) /// Seats from Ø 360mm (Type SR350) /// Seats from Ø 400mm (Type SR380)
  • STANDARD SQUARE: Seats from 270x270mm (Type Traveler / SQ265) /// Seats from 300x300mm (Type SQ290) /// Seats from 360x360mm (Type SQ350)

Special mention should be made of our seat cushion TRAVELER (type SQ265). It is the ideal companion for on the go, whether hiking in the mountains or at an open-air concert, picnicking by the lake or at a football match every week. The TRAVELER is ideal for taking with you and can be stowed in all FREITAG bags (as well as other brands such as MISSION WORKSHOP, BROOKS, QWSTION etc.) that can hold a 15" laptop.

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